How to - Build a AI Image Generator lead magnet for Instagram Messenger

Saxon Heller
3 min readDec 14, 2023

Is this a first of it’s kind? I got 40 signups in 4 hours… Learn how I did it

If you read my last article on creating a AI Image Generator, I have gone one step further, by integrating the Image Generator into Instagram Messenger.

Generate high quality AI images from within one of the largest Social Platforms on the planet….

What do I mean?

The generator is the instagram profile, send a message saying “Imagine” and watch the magic happen + I figured out how to monetise…

“Imagine” acts as a trigger word which starts the backend automation process.

Could this be used as a creative lead magnet? ( This can be customised for ai chat or specific design structures) —anything is possible 🔥

So here is a simplified version of what It does on the “FrontEnd”

Few points to set
- All users get 8 free credits ( resets Daily )

  1. Sends message
  2. “Imagine” is triggered
  3. We check if the user is within their limit
  4. False — Users are asked to either buy extra credits or get free credits by participating in our social campaign ( either option will upgrade the account instantly )
  5. True — Describe your image
  6. AI Image is processed and sent back within 15–20 seconds

⬇️⬇️ Backend Flow Chart is Below ⬇️⬇️

Higlevel Build Below also..


  • 8 Request Rate Limit per user ( Resets Daily ) ( it costs 0.04c per image)
  • Payment Integration ( buy credits ) — automatic account upgrade
  • Option to Invite 3 friends to get free credits ( automatic account upgrade)

Try the account here —

Note that there is an issue with how the buttons display on Desktop Version — Mobile Version Only! ( Instagram bug Possibly 🤔)