Free Airdrop Mints — Robots Farm

Saxon Heller
3 min readAug 10, 2023

Im not here to vouch for this project… but I have come across a project on ZkSync Mainnet that lets you mint “gasless” NFT’s.

My opinion is biased towards free money or the potential of free money…

The project claims to be a Gamified Dex — Robots Farm

Straight from the website ⬇️

Born out of a passion for the transformative power of DeFi and blockchain technologies, we saw the potential for an immersive DeFi project that captivates players while leveraging blockchain’s potential. Trading and yields are thrilling, but we wanted to push the envelope further.

What if the DeFi experience wasn’t just about trading but a thrilling interactive adventure? Robots.Farm thus emerged out of the need for a gamified DeFi experience. We saw the need for a project where players could construct and upgrade operations to augment returns, embark on quests, and hunt for rare NFTs that can significantly influence rewards and profits.


  • Increase your potential eligibility for ZkSync Airdrop by transacting on the network
  • Free NFT mints for a new project
  • Free Token Airdrop


  1. Play Quests